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Selectors for relational data in Redux and NGRX

ngrx-entity-relationship is a library for Redux and NGRX which aims to facilitate work with related entities in a normalized store with a simple ORM solution. It also provides a middleware that can normalize linear or graph data and gracefully update the store.

Apart from that, it has helper functions to build GraphQL queries, so, eventually, only selectors should be managed, the rest is done automatically.

The current version of ngrx-entity-relationship has been tested and can be used with:

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Problem of normalized entities and their relationships in Redux and NGRX#

Let's imagine that we have the next models:

export interface User {  id: string;  firstName: string;  lastName: string;
  company?: Company;  companyId?: string;}
export interface Company {  id: string;  name: string;
  staff?: Array<User>;
  admin?: User;  adminId?: string;
  address?: Address;  addressId?: string;}
export interface Address {  id: string;  street: string;  city: string;  country: string;
  company?: Company;}

Entities of every model are normalized and stored in the store independently:

const rootState = {  users: {    ids: ['1', '2'],    entities: {      '1': {        id: '1',        firstName: 'John',        lastName: 'Smith',        companyId: '1',      },      '2': {        id: '2',        firstName: 'Jack',        lastName: 'Black',        companyId: '1',      },    },  },  companies: {    ids: ['1'],    entities: {      '1': {        id: '1',        name: 'Magic',        adminId: '2',        addressId: '1',      },    },  },  addresses: {    existingIds: ['1'],    byIds: {      '1': {        id: '1',        street: 'Main st.',        city: 'Town',        country: 'Land',      },    },  },};

Now, we want to select from the store an entity of user with the related company and its address. The desired shape should be like that:

const user = {  id: '1',  firstName: 'John',  lastName: 'Smith',  companyId: '1',  company: {    id: '1',    name: 'Magic',    adminId: '2',    addressId: '1',    address: {      id: '1',      street: 'Main st.',      city: 'Town',      country: 'Land',    },  },};

Solution for selecting related entities in Redux and NGRX#

Can you believe that the eventual solution is like that?

const selectUser = rootUser(  relUserCompany(    relCompanyAddress(),  ),);

And, it is able to return any relational data, until there is a configured relationship between entities.

const selectUser = rootUser(  relUserCompany(    relCompanyStaff(      relUserCompany(          relCompanyAdmin(),      ),    ),    relCompanyAddress(      relAddressCompany(        relCompanyAdmin(          relUserCompany(            relCompanyAddress(),          ),        ),      ),    ),  ),);

Using in Redux#

If we use mapStateToProps and Redux in React, then we could select entities like that:

const mapStateToProps = state => {  return {    user: selectUser(state, selectUserId),  };};

Using in NGRX#

if we use NGRX in Angular, then we could select entities like that:

class MyComponent {  ngOnInit() {    this.user$ =      selectUser,      selectUserId,    );  }}