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Installing reducer

All root selectors from the library can be used to update the store with data from backend responses.

For that ngrxEntityRelationshipReducer should be added as a meta reducer. It reacts on reduceFlat and reduceGraph actions, and adds / updates their payload in the store. If the entity exists in the store, then it will be replaced, not merged, unrelated entities will stay as they are.


In React with Redux apps, we need to pass rootReducer to ngrxEntityRelationshipReducer, and ngrxEntityRelationshipReducer to createStore.

// App.tsxconst store = createStore(  ngrxEntityRelationshipReducer(    rootReducer,  ),);


In Angular with NGRX apps, we need to provide ngrxEntityRelationshipReducer in metaReducers for our StoreModule.forRoot.

// app.module.tsStoreModule.forRoot(  {    /* ... */  },  {    metaReducers: [      // ...      ngrxEntityRelationshipReducer, // <- add this    ],  },);

You can read about different types of actions and how they normalize data in stores in the next sections.