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GraphQL Queries

toGraphQL is not enough to generate a query with variables. ngrx-entity-relationship provides a function called toQuery which solves the issue.

All toQuery, toSubscription and toMutation support variables. They can be passed as the first parameter. toGraphQL supports $ to define variables instead of values.

apollo.mutate({  // the same for toQuery and toSubscription too.  mutation: gql(    toMutation(      {        // definition of variables and their types.        data: 'UpdateUserInput!',      },      toGraphQL(        'updateUser',        {          // a normal parameter with its value.          id: 'id1',          // under $ parameters and their variables can be defined.          $: {            data: '$data',          },        },        action.selector,      ),    ),  ),  variables: {    data: {      firstName: 'updatedFirstName',      lastName: 'lastFirstName',    },  },}).subscribe(update => {  // magic is here.});

will generate

mutation($data: UpdateUserInput!) {  updateUser(id: "id1", data: $data) {    id    # and all other fields with relationships.  }}